New bridge construction, bridge widening, or bridge maintenance and repair works are necessary for the growth and expansion of any municipality. Scaffolding systems are an essential component of any bridge project. Working platforms, shoring, debris nets, and stair access towers are regularly utilized to complete these works.

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Bridge Scaffolding

King Scaffolding has been a part of the construction team of many bridge projects across Alberta, the most iconic project in our portfolio is the new Walterdale Bridge in Edmonton.

Large bridge projects like the Walterdale bridge require extensive collaboration between the main contractor and key sub-trades like King Scaffolding at the early stages of the project. This collaboration ensures that practical, and effective solutions are designed and utilized on the project in areas where stair towers, abutment scaffolds, access platforms, landing/support platforms, and hoarding containment etc. are required.

Due to the harsh, and contiguously varying weather conditions, combined with the growing infrastructure needs across Western Canada, bridge maintenance works is a continuous year-round process. Our teams regularly providing temporary access platforms, insulated tarps, and debris netting to ensure there is minimal interruption to the flow of traffic affected by the works.

For more information about the different scaffold options, and systems available for bridge works, contact our highly experienced Edmonton or Calgary teams.

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