Since day one our first priority has been safety. Constantly implementing safety procedures to our employees has given us a clean safety record and more importantly a safe work environment for all the trades on the jobsite to benefit from. King Scaffolding understands the importance of safety in the construction industry and has its own safety manual of which  the policies are implemented daily by all workers to ensure a safe work environment for all.

Reaching high or dangerous locations safely.

Our skilled scaffolding tradesmen bring a variety of experience to the King Scaffolding team to ensure the product we deliver is a safe and effective solution for each project. The value of quality work done right the first time is priceless. The scaffolding solutions we offer provide a safe work area for other trades to complete their work in a safe and efficient manner allowing for the greater success of all.

To ensure OH&S regulations are met all scaffolds are certified by a journeyman scaffolder and where required King Scaffolding also has a engineer to ensure proper permits are attained.